Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Wedding Card

Here's a little something I was commissioned to build for a friend who's daughter is getting married. I played over the weekend. One of a kind card. I really like the depth of this card with the bench out front and the branch from a tree hanging over with the love birds. Took a while to build up the frame. The birds have the tiniest of rhinestones for eyes. I think i'll make a couple more! Maybe!

Saturday, 26 August 2017

A 90th Birthday Party!

I just love it when I'm on a roll! Went to a birthday dinner for a very lovely lady with some very special friends and I made the card for her. Gotta figure out a better way to take photos of my cards so they show all the details. Must be in the lighting!?

Wedding, wedding and more wedding!

Two cards I CASED and used for a niece recently.
They look better in real life.

     Shaker card above

Football Season is here

Recently I made a card for my son for his birthday. I really didn't know what I was looking for but knew as soon as I saw it I would CASE it. Because I made it 5 X 7, using the embossing plate was difficult. All in al I had fun making this card.

Friday, 30 September 2016

70th Birthday

My brother-in-law turned 70 yesterday and we celebrated today at the local pub. Great time had by all. Here's the card I made for him. He is an avid golfer and I could have made several different cards but I saw one on Pinterest and it spoke to me so here's my take on it.

Monday, 30 May 2016

Birthday celebrations 60 & 65

Just this past weekend Tom and I eat to two different birthday celebrations. One for my cousins wife who turned 60 and one for a good friend who turned 65. 
The first card's inspiration came from an idea I saw on Pinterest. Ooo just love that site! And the second one I just kind of went with it.
Real scrabble pieces

The inside said 'It's not the years, it's the mileage. HAPPY BIRTHDAY'


Monday, 29 February 2016

February Blues

 Hi Everyone,
Time flies when you're busy, busy, busy! I just don't know where the time goes. Got right up and flew away!!! LOL😆 its been some time since I had a class. I miss it terribly but something seems to always pop up and then I don't get on it like I should. It's like a bad diet! You start, get side tracked, then say f@&# it! I've been keeping up with all the new stuff and want to play more. Easter is around the corner so I have a bunch of cards to make for it.
I will also be decorating the tables and hall fo Easter breakfast again this year so I hope I can come up with some new decorations of sorts. Kind of tires of the old grass and chocolate egg thing in the table centre and a single vase with a flower look. Pinterest here we come!

Maybe something like this? But in Easter colours? Ya, I think that might work.