Saturday, 18 February 2012

Johnny Jump Ups

Hi Everyone,
Valentines is now over and I did share some of what we made a week ago, however, I'd like to share a card I made for my hubby for valentines.  After I made it and gave it to him I started looking at it and decided that the heart replacing the letter "O"is too big and would look better with a small heart placed in the middle of it.  Next time!

I found a really sweet kleenex and used it to make the background
using the felted cardstock technique.

This past Thursday was my "Flower Power" class where I teach the class how to make a different flower from punches, paper, ribbon, etc.  We did Johnny Jump Ups using the small heart from the trio heart punch. Some inspiration from Penny Flowers had me putting together a larger flower.


inside I put "You"

Check back for a tutorial on how I made these flowers

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  1. I love these pansies. I want to try to make some myself.