Monday, 12 March 2012

Pansy Tutorial

Hi Ladies,
I've finally completed composing pictures for a tutorial to make the Johnny Jump-Ups posted on a recent blog. A lot of people call them pansies but for those who don't know, pansies are quite larger than Johnny Jump-Ups.  So, in the last of the series of pics below, you will see that the largest size would be a true to size pansy and a Johnny Jump-Up is the size between the small and middle size.

6 petal punch

cut out a V (one petal) to the middle of the whole flower

colour as indicated
at this point soften your petal
use a bone folder to curl and help soften

I used Tombo to glue the two side petals together

It will be pointed on back

Flatten the pointed back - push the point against a hard surface.  If you haven't softened your petals, this step will be hard and may cause some tearing at the points where each petal meets each other.

flip right side up and curl petals downward

With Perfect Plum, and fine lines from the middle outwards on each individual petal and add a 1/2 pearl accent

5 petal flower done exactly the same except cut a slit down between two petals.  Do not cut a V shape with a 5 petal flower

Check out these sizes!!!  I used the 6 petal punch (middle size) on the card below

Now it's your turn to try and make some in the different sizes.  Have fun...happy stampin and send me some pics of the cards you make.


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